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Our Services

Help Sessions

  • 30 minutes with 2 expert intuitives
  • Perfect for basic energy evaluation
  • We do simple energy clearing as needed
  • We use dowsing & other intuitive techniques to get answers to your questions
  • Great for getting guidance on one subject

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Distance Healing

  • 2 professional healers work on you using Reiki & Spiritual Healing
  • Balance & harmonize your energy body
  • Evaluation & clearing on key energy issues
  • Enhance the healing process
  • Your location doesn’t matter
  • You get a customized tapping script for followup

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  • We specialize in health, relationships, and personal growth
  • Identify the root causes of your problems
  • In depth mentoring & basic energy clearing included
  • We offer simple, effective tools for ongoing progress
  • Perfect for dealing with tough, longstanding issues
  • You participate in the process
  • 2 coaches for the price of one!

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Courses, Events, Articles, Recordings

Discover how you can use your natural intuitive skills to enhance your life and solve your problems

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Do you want to share your gifts, help lots of people

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Business Coaching

  • Get your business started or take your business to the next level
  • Intuitive insights and energetic work for smoother, faster progress
  • Actionable suggestions for practical business success
  • Two experts for the price of one

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Help Sessions

  • Help in making important choices
  • Basic energy clearing for curses, blocks and other energetic mechanisms
  • Learn protection for your business and yourself
  • 30 minutes with 2 experts
  • Includes a recording of the session

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