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The Sixth Sense Solution:

Divergent Thinking

You can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.

We combine intuition with rational thought for new perspectives.

We can do the work, or we can show you how.

Free Guidance

  • Learn to unleash your intuitive ability with dowsing here.
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Get To Know Us!

Our free podcasts are like joining us for morning coffee.

Enjoy hearing ideas, experiences and suggestions that could change your life.

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Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

If you want to share your gift and help lots of people, divergent thinking can boost your results.

We share our years of practical and intuitive experience so that you can grow your business faster.

How’s Your Website?

  • Your website should reflect your energy
  • Your website should be attractive to your market
  • Our intuitive approach to web design is cutting edge, spiritual & effective
  • You get a complete package that puts you on the road to success

Quick Answers

  • Help in making important choices
  • Perfect for simple questions
  • Affordable for any business
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