Solutions For The Enlightened

Do You Have Blocks?

If any area of your life seems blocked and you’re feeling frustrated, there’s help!

  • We show you how to translate the complex issues you face into a clear, simple message you can respond to and reach a positive outcome
  • Our solutions are customized to you and have a unique perspective
  • We help guide you by engaging your latent intuitive sensing abilities, thus empowering you if you wish to work on yourself

We can show you how to access your Inner Guru!

We believe that all the answers lie within you. You just need to learn how to access them.

You can begin to learn how to get answers to questions you can’t answer rationally by learning an intuitive sensing technique called ‘dowsing’. Anyone can learn to dowse, because it is a natural ability that is part of your array of intuitive senses.

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PS. We are not to be confused with another Sixth Sense Site based in the UK :-)