How Intuition Brought Us Together…

Us-640x480We passionately believe in the power of intuitive sensing to change life for the better. We’ve used dowsing-a natural intuitive skill-for years to help ourselves, our pets and our clients. We know it can help you!

You see, the answers you are seeking are available, but not always through rational means. Dowsing can get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally. It taps into your “Inner Guru”. That makes it the best problem-solving method you could ever learn.

Dowsing is a natural ability. Almost anyone can be trained to dowse well. Once you begin to dowse, you become empowered to take control of your life.

How we met would make a great movie! We met in the year 2000 at the American Society of Dowsers dowsing discussion group online. Although Nigel was in the U.K. and I was in Arizona, we soon recognized how much we shared, and I went to the U.K. to meet, and later marry, Nigel. It was so great to partner up in our dowsing business!

We have enjoyed creating a global tribe of dowsers. The Dowsing Tribe meets on Facebook at We teach people to dowse on our free website Discovering Dowsing, which has many hours of free lessons, videos and articles, including contributions from other well-known Master Dowsers. Visit Discovering Dowsing at

We have the most fun doing events online that attract people from all over the world. In 2012, we launched the first annual Dowsing World Summit, a free online event. Over 3800 people registered for it.

The 2013 Dowsing World Summit had 12 speakers training in how to use dowsing to improve health: physical, relationship, emotional, financial. It was the biggest collection of advanced training with dowsing masters online. In 2014, we were blessed to have the biggest and best assortment of major speakers in dowsing and intuition you could ask for, including Sonia Choquette.

As we branched out beyond our roles as leaders of the Dowsing Tribe online, we decided to share our years of experience in building a successful business. We were aware of all the challenges facing spiritual entrepreneurs, and we hoped to help others avoid the mistakes we made along the way. We continue to add new ways to help people make positive change in their business and personal lives.